Microsoft 5G IoT Makerspace

As one of Microsoft’s partners, Zeelo’s location services integrated with ARwiz’s GeoAR is available for a demo at the Microsoft 5G IoT Makerspace. The Microsoft 5G IoT Makerspace, along with Hong Kong Cyberport and HKT, aims to inspire and enable Hong Kong business communities to explore their IoT solutions through 5G network and Microsoft’s technologies.
Visitors can get first-hand experience on how ARwiz’s GeoAR engine captures visitors’ footfall patterns and analyze visitors in different locations responding to notifications or promotions.

Visualized data and personalized location experience

Tailored 3D avatars and AR signage in ARwiz’s GeoAR helps users visualize a personalized location experience. Visitors can also see real-time and historical location data being visualized in a user-friendly way for easy analysis and to prepare further actions in a timely manner, e.g., customer dwell times and crowd patterns, footfall patterns between stores, heat maps, etc.
  • Micro-location service (3- 10m location discrepancy)
  • AR navigation with 3D avatar
  • Virtual signage
  • AR Social Wall
  • Visualized real-time and historical location data