Augmented Reality Platform

ARwiz is a complete solution that enables developers to create sophisticated, and branded AR experiences. By using best-in-class computer vision technology of native and web platforms, the ARwiz experience can be deployed on a large range of phones and tablets.

Incorporating the easy-to-use AR content management tool – ARwiz Studio & SDK. ARwiz revolutionizes the way we learn, communicate and collaborate.

Powerful Features

Image Recognition

The easiest way to put AR content on flat objects such as posters, wall paintings and photographs.

Object Recognition

AR content will popup by scanning an object. Good for exhitbitions and product display with rich surface details and a consistent shape.

AR Navigation

AR Navigation uses interactive Augmented Reality features to enhance traditional mobile navigation. Users can be guided directly to their destination without launching any 2D map.

Cloud Anchor

After users adds virtual objects to an AR scene, multiple users can then view and interact with these objects simultaneously from different positions in a shared physical space.


SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) scan the physical world through feature points. This makes it possible for AR applications to Recognize 3D Objects & Scenes, as well as to Instantly Track the world, and to overlay AR content

Plane Detection

Plane Detection is to detect the position and orientation of a real-world flat surface in a world-tracking AR session, in order to overlay AR content to the flat surface


WebAR uses mobile devices to provide an web-based augmented reality experience. It allows us to create AR experiences that are just as dynamic as a typical website or web app.

Face Detection

Face detection is a computer vision tech to identifiy human faces and overlay AR content onto human faces