AR changes the
way you see the world!


Provide seamless Geo-location based experiences both indoors and outdoors, even with your own avatars

  • •   Indoor & outdoor navigation (wayfinding)
  • •   Explore locations with virtual signage
  • •   Create tailor-made avatar characters to become your brand’s icon
Group 627


Group 540

AR Virtual Signage

Group 541

3D Avatar Tour Guide


Gamify AR to increase interaction with users through fun AR games
  • •   Short-term campaign to create games based on your theme
  • •   App is not a must, can directly open with mobile browser (WebAR)
  • •   High efficiency for campaign-based solutions
Group 545

Face Detection AR Photos

Group 550

AR Photo Frame

Group 558

Social Media AR Bubble


All about visualizing AR by image recognition and related technology
  • •   Image recognition
  • •   3D model recognition
  • •   Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
Group 628

Image Recognition

Group 630

Object Recognition

Group 567

Plane Detection

AR Studio

Comprehensive AR content management system (CMS) for clients to manage their AR projects directly Specification
  • •   AR content management system
  • •   101AR for educational purpose
  • •   Many more AR functions can be found here!
Group 592

Tracker Management

Group 598

AR Rich-Media Management

AR Sign Management_icon@1x

AR Virtual Signage Management

Group 627

Education System