Festive celebration with AR! ​

Festive celebrations with AR!

It’s just 2-3 months away from the holiday season and CNY, have you thought of celebrating in an AR way? Before choosing how to celebrate, let’s see what’s new with AR tech.
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WebAR or AR app?


Web-based augmented reality enables users to access the AR experiences through any smartphone mobile browser without downloading an app. When users access a custom URL link or scan a QR code using their smartphone, the AR content comes to life in the user’s environment through the mobile browser.

  Faster deployment
  Less data usage, no need to download an app
  Less costly
✗  Lag if internet bandwidth is limited /  AR models are too complex
  Cannot adopt overly complex AR models / 3D AR models 

On the other hand, building an app is still the best way to experience AR. With more memory on smartphones, using an app allows for better animation sequences and interactivity.

✓  Heightens user engagement
✓  Eliminates cognitive overload
✗  Heavy on-site data usage on downloading an app
✗  More costly

Festive Treasure Hunt / Catching Game

Want to gamify customer engagement this holiday season through AR games? GamAR (powered by ARwiz) can hold AR treasure hunts or catching games. Customers just need to open camera access on their smartphone’s web browser to enjoy catching your tailor-made object to redeem your rewards. Click here to learn more!

AR Festive Cards

Send greetings and love in an AR way! Any physical festive card can be tailored with AR effects that can be seen by scanning the card with a mobile phone. Music can be added too!

FB/IG Face Filters

Fancy having your own branded FB/IG face filter? Come create one with us! Let the world try on your effect while celebrating the holiday season. Deployment can be as quick as 2 weeks.

Idol Selfie Time

Thinking of maximizing the idol effect to fans & followers? Simply bring them to take a photo/video in front of a green screen, then sit back and leave the rest to us. Fans & followers can take a photo/video with their favorite idol anywhere, anytime! Want to help your favorite idol go viral on social media? Learn more and act now!

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