Hong Kong Science Park (HKSTP)

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) launched AR indoor navigation functionalities for their mobile app.
Simply enter GeoAR from the main screen, to explore the Park in a new and innovative way.

HKSTP Smart Campus Mobile App AR indoor navigation functions

By entering GeoAR from the main screen, users can start to explore the Park’s AR indoor navigation functions which guided by HKSTP’s robot avatar AR signages are tailored to introduce different points of interest (POI) to visitors in a fun way and ARwiz Studio available for clients to change the look of POIs anytime and anywhere, and the effect can be seen on-site instantly
  • AR indoor navigation and wayfinding
  • Guided navigation by HKSTP’s robot avatar
  • HKSTP AR Virtual Floor Directory
  • Custom-designed AR signages